Monday, October 15, 2007

Ubuntu, Satanic Edition!

I was excited when I found this edition of Linux. I'm not Satanic, but I really don't think there should be a separate distro for the Christian edition of Ubuntu, so I thought this was a nice counter distro.

This actually isn't a self contained distro at all. You won't be able to download an ISO even if you try. Satanic Ubuntu basically has a bunch of artwork for the gnome and kde desktop available for download in a repository. They actually suggest installing over the Ubuntu Christian edition (sounds like fun to me) :)

Here is an example of one of their amazingly well done wallpapers. If I recall correctly, they used Blender to render all their 3d artwork.

And here are links to more screenshots.
Their artwork is great as you can see. Top notch. Ultimately for me, the desktop was too dark. I tend to like lighter colors for my desktop. Maybe that's one of the reasons I hate Vista so much. In fact, I think that's even why I hated Windows Media Player 11, on XP. But I guess that's all personal preference stuff.

To actually install Satanic edition is very simple. First, on your existing (K)Ubuntu install, you have to add the repositories to your /etc/apt/sources.list file.

# Ubuntu Satanic Edition
deb feisty main
deb-src feisty main

Once that's done, do an:
apt-get update
apt-get install satanic-wallpapers satanic-gdm-themes usplash-theme-satanic

Or, if you use KUbuntu
apt-get install satanic-kde-themes

To install the screensaver, just do an
apt-get install eternal-damnation

and if you want a ubuntu logo thrown in there as well you can do
apt-get install eternal-ubuntu

Then, depending on your desktop, follow the instructions from their website
Gnome -

You'll be burning in Hell in no time at all! :)

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