Sunday, October 21, 2007

Linux Spyware/Virus challenge: UPDATE

In my original article I outlined how I had challenged a co-worker with the task of infecting a Linux system with spyware and/or viruses within a period of one week. I even offered him a system of mine to use, with a fresh install of Ubuntu. Let me also state that I know that no system is completely immune from viruses or spyware. I just know the risk is very very low.

The Linux spyware challenge

He has officially declined the challenge. He didn't give me an exact reason why, but something along the lines that he was worried that he could possibly infect his other systems (windows), or that his ISP would think his internet activity is suspicious. I think that really, deep down, he knew just how much I would be able to rub it in when he lost.

Now I would like to give the same challenge (minus monetary compensation) to anyone that has had problems with viruses or spyware on windows, or anyone who knows people that have been infested. Why not install Linux on your system or someone else's and show them how great a virus/spyware free system can be.

Enjoy the freedom!


Daengbo said...

If there's going to be a Linux virus, Ubuntu will be the one. I'm expecting something to happen once 8.04LTS comes out, because the target will be viable for long enough and there may finally be enough market share to make it spreadable. The fact that Ubuntu lumps /home in with / and doesn't set noexec makes it worse.

ELF is an extremely fragile executable format. Up until now, there have been too many competing distributions to give ANYTHING traction, never mind the problem with user policies.

Check out my review of Linux viruses.

Anonymous said...

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