Sunday, October 14, 2007

All your IP are belong to Microsoft!

Microsoft's employees like to flap their lips about Linux violating patents, but they seem to know they have nothing that would actually stand up in court. They claim that there are at least 235 Microsoft patents that are being violated. Somehow they came to the conclusion that the Linux kernel alone violates 42 patents. That's probably the worst insult I've heard in a long time. How is it that the Linux kernel, which works completely different and more efficient than Windows, violates their patents. It sounds like a case of jealousy to me.

Microsoft, if you're going to sue me, do it already! I use many different distros, including openSUSE, Fedora, Ubuntu, Mint, Slax, PCLinuxOS, Sabayon, etc. I have a test partition on my drive just to test out different distros. I don't see how you can exclude one distro or the other in a lawsuit. If you're going to sue one, you need to sue them all. The different distros may use one program or the other that's different, but they all use the Linux kernel, which you claim violates 42 of your patents. (what a bunch of shit) And the majority of the distros use either gnome or kde, which evidently violate another 65 patents. So, how can you target one distribution (Redhat, for example), and say that they violate your patents. It's an all or nothing situation with Linux.

We as Linux users aren't scared of your false claims. By threatening to sue, you're just reassuring everyone how greedy and selfish your company is. Your latest operating system was a flop (and Office as well) and Linux is becoming more competitive than you ever imagined, and you can't handle it. So now you're trying to scare people away from Linux. Well, it won't work. You can shove your evil tactics up your ass, because we're going to continue using Linux, and Linux will continue to thrive. Open source software has a major advantage over propietary software, and that advantage is that there isn't one central point of failure (or control). One distro may go away (for one reason or another), but overnight 5 more distros could be started.

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Anonymous said...

Office 2007 flopped? Linux gaining realy ground? What drugs are you on?

Office 2007 sales are growing by leeps and bounds. Large enterprises, home and small businesses are starting to move towards it. Since it's only been out just under a year, it's done better than expected. OpenOffice is still in the stone age and with Office 2007 prices dropping, Open Office isn't getting any better.

Now, I do think Microsoft probably ones a few IP rights that Linux may be breaching, probably something simple like "Operation for clicking toggle button" or something to that nature.

I also can't see why Vista really flopped, I've seen hundreds of friends with Vista and not one real issue, except for the occassional driver issue (Which normally gets fixed).

One issue I see Microsoft using as a way to find more IP issues is the release of .Net source code as "reference" license. I think we all know some Linux/Mono developer will look at the source code and reuse a tiny chunk, giving Microsoft the option to sue.

Don't get me wrong, I say more power to Linux and it's users, but I laugh everytime I hear people saying it's getting closer to Windows, or Microsoft is scared. 80% of all users don't know how to install an OS or care. They'll spend the extra $100 for a complete setup.

Scott said...

Nice write up!

Anonymous said...

Ah what a way to start the day.
As linux belongs to all of us, I think it would a good idea if we all started blogs like this.

Howard T. Snidbiscuits said...

No doubt, Vista has not been well received. it's all over the press, and is quite evident in decisions like the one Dell made to resume offering XP.

MS's ploy with these patents is step 2 after the SCO thing, funded by MS, has fizzled out. With their proxy war done, they are choosing to attack Linux dirtectly witht eh same sorts of tactics - say it violates IP, that customers could be liable - but never specify WHICH patents are being violated. Why? 1, of course it's BS. 2, if it wasn't BS, and Linmux truly was in violation of patents and they speicifed which patents, workarounds would be written faster than Ballmer could wax his head i the morning.