Sunday, October 21, 2007

IE vs Firefox, Linux vs Windows vs Mac - Site Stats

I was looking at visitor statistics to my blog and found the stats to be somewhat interesting, being that's it's a Linux specific blog. I'm definitely glad to see the amount of Firefox vs IE users. This lumps all versions of browsers and all version of OS's into the same category.
So, here they are:

Firefox - 73.4%
IE - 16.46%
Mozilla - 6.59%
Opera - 3.55%


Windows - 55.22%
Linux - 39.91%
Mac OS - 4.87%

I'm glad to see so many Windows users interested in Linux. The curiosity must be driving them mad. They should just install Linux already and get it over with. They won't regret it.

(These stats are from this blog when it was fairly new, so it may not be that accurate. I feel that the future stats from the site will show a more complete picture)


Anonymous said...

I already did!!!

Happy Linux Guy said...

Congratulations, you've seen the light. Isn't the Linux world so much better?

Anonymous said...

I'm guessing a large portion of the IE/Windows traffic you actually get is from people like me, who use Linux at home but are forced to use Windows and IE at work.
Personally I've only recently switched back to Linux after years of being away from it.

Tech Roach said...

But I still find it uncomfortable to switch to Windows everytime I want to transfer stuff to my Nokia N70. :(

Any bright ideas ? And oh, I've been using linux for 1 year now. I'm happy except for this bit.

Happy Linux Guy said...

About your Nokia phone and Linux, maybe this page will help you...