Wednesday, November 28, 2007

ABC.COM developer responds to Linux blog

Here is my original post about ABC.COM compatibility.

Don't ever think that we Linux users have no hope for support. If we keep voicing our opinions, we will be heard. Here is the comment from an ABC developer, or move networks developer..........

We're working on getting a port sanctioned by management.

- A dev at Move Networks
November 28, 2007 2:30 PM

This isn't definitive, but at least they see there's demand. Keep sending your feedback!

Here's my new article with an investigation of Linux compatibility for all major television networks. Television networks Linux compatibility.

9 comments: said...

I'm surprised ABC took notice. I guess they don't have much to do with the strike going on.

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Scott said...

Very cool! Glad that someone inside ABC is going to get on this.

Anonymous said...

It's useful to read between the lines at this update. I'm certain that every network and many companies have technically literate users, technicians and others.

These are the folks, within these companies, who best understand the importance towards keeping away from closed and proprietary systems of distribution.

Sounds like some of the tech users (webmasters, etal) are (or have been trying) to convince management at these companies to use tech that's *open* to other viable OSes.

In the meantime, Linux/Mac users should continue to write these companies (especially management) in regard to their current policies. It should be done whether you use their services or not.

Anonymous said...

I've had success getting the Move Networks player to work in the Windows version of Firefox, running under Wine ...

Kyle Lyons said...

What is the email address so I can send them a email too!!

Anonymous said...

With Microsoft now investing in MoveNetworks does that mean they are going to start blocking this port? Linux desktop market share has been growing consistently year over year (albeit small numbers) for several years now (

2006: 0.4%
2007: 0.6%
2008: 0.9%
2009: 1.5%??

Other sources ( & have more than double the numbers (likely they are included embedded data as well). Bottomline is that that nearly 2% of market will be missed next year (not to mention the demographic of that 2%). Also think about anyone browsing from a Tivo, Google-Phone (Android), Netbook, or other embedded Linux device will be blocked by limiting to Win/Mac only.

Doug Woodgate said...

I started a petition to see if Move Networks will create a Linux version of their Move Media player Firefox plugin since obviously they are dragging their feet.

Shannon VanWagner said...

Hulu Releases A Linux Hulu Desktop Client!

Now it's time to Let ABC and FOX know to switch their full episodes over to this hulu player on their website... As opposed to the MSFT funded MoveNetworks player on there that is NOT Linux compatible (although they say it is coming.. bet it will be faster now).
Contact abc here:
Contact Fox via email here: askfox(_at_)fox(_dot_)com

Tell ABC and FOX and Oprah about this article and let them know to use a client that is friendly to Linux users.

Anonymous said...

yeah... informative :))